About renooble

What happens when an electrical engineer, a quantum physicist and a serial entrepreneur worry about the future of energy?

Easy! They use data, algorithms and software to find the best solar opportunities. To do so we aggregate many sources of data like:

3D building data Solar radiation data

And many more: government incentives, electricity prices, demographic indicators, real-estate data, satellite imagery. Using this data and learning from previous installations our algorithms can find the buildings which will benefit the most from solar enery.

Our vision: Mapping the renewable energy potential of every house in the world!


We are a small team of passionate renewable energy enthusiasts. We also have over 32 years of combined experience in renewable energy (12 years) and web technology (20 years). We want to use those skills to help people make informed decisions on domestic renewables. When done right it can be profitable, empowering and make a real difference. We think the next 5 years are going to see an energy revolution.

Alvaro Feito

Alvaro Feito


Co-founder and quantum physicist with a PhD from Imperial College London. He’s worked for nearly 3 years for Vestas on large scale wind energy technology. He prefers small scale, distributed and resilient energy. He has built small scale biogas generators, solar ovens and wind turbine models. He can swallow and process large chunks of Big Data and turn them into useful beautiful websites.

Hannes Hapke

Hannes Max Hapke


Co-founder and electrical engineer who believes we should generate energy locally, sustainably and at the real cost. After completing a talent programme at Vestas, Hannes has worked as a financial engineer at Vestas Australia preparing renewable energy deals across South-East Asia.
Since joining renooble full-time, Hannes has become the lead programmer. He is fired up about coding on his mac, designing the algorithms and energy models behind renooble.

Michele Tihami

Michele Tihami

Board Advisor

Michele Tihami is passionate about helping start-ups reach their objectives. She draws from her 25 years of experience in technology, large corporations and policy. A former Vice President at CenterPoint Energy, she launched a competitive business designed to bring additional growth to the company. Ms. Tihami has also held positions at IBM, Motorola and two technology start-ups and began her career at The White House. She is also a mentor for Surge, an energy start-up accelerator in Houston.She can often be spotted in the kitchen or on a yoga mat.

Miguel Paolino

Miguel Paolino

Technology Advisor

Miguel Paolino is a Senior Python and Go developer with a strong sysadmin background. In laymans' terms, he can do real magic with computers. Whether it's setting up 100 servers in a day, or defining the strategy for a brand new technology. He has contributed to renooble as a general Python consultant, developing libraries and refactoring backend services to accelerate response times. Miguel is also an avid motorcyclist and traveler.

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