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which solar panels?

Here’s a nice video by the guys at showing an installation using roof hooks bolted to the roof. Professional roofers on a simple roof can get the job done in just a day.

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Mosaic photovoltaics

The american company Solar Mosaic has opened a new round of investment on their site Their innovative business model marries multi-million project finance, crowdfunding and investment.  In simple terms:  Instead of seeking financing from bankers, pension funds or investment banks it … Continue reading

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a kilo-what?

In California, company Gen110 decided to quiz people about fuel prices and electricity prices. These are the results: This reveals the difference in awareness between electrical bills and fuel costs. Yet one can easily spend a similar amount of money … Continue reading

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Can you do the Green Deal yourself?

This month, the UK’s DECC launches its Green Deal. It’s basically a way to finance energy-efficient home improvements — you pay for your upgrades with installments tacked onto your power bill. The idea is that your upgrade payments are offset … Continue reading

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Wind Energy, Perú and the Energy Challenge

Our co-founder Alvaro was invited by the University Agraria de La Molina in Lima, Perú to give a talk on wind energy.  He gave a talk for engineering, environmental science and policy students, describing the world’s energy situation and some … Continue reading

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Amory Lovin's 40 year plan, or reinventing fire

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