GoSol: solar can also cook, bake and steam!

Solar electricity is an unstoppable force all over the world.  Both in large scale solar farms and for the home-owner.  But the energy from the sun can be used in many more creative ways.  From drying your clothers, or drying fruit, to cooking a stew, baking bread, or even creating charcoal.
We are happy to support the initiative from GoSol.org, to open-source the instructions to build simple and effective solar cookers.  Here is an example on how their technology is being used:
small - roasting cocholate with the sun in Mexico
These farmers are roasting cacao beans using the power of the sun.  But this project has two very critical aspects:

  1. Appropriate Technology (All materials can be sourced locally and built without advanced tools)
  2. Open (By supporting the project you give open-access to the construction plans)

We want to congratulate the GoSol team for their success so far and hope they will continue providing opportunities to farmers, bakers, cookers and artisans all over the world.  Below is an awesome bakery in Haiti:
solar bakery
To learn more, visit GoSol.org

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