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Investing in solar according to Massachussets

Here is a great explainer video from the Massachussets Government. Watch them explain residential solar panels from the point of view of homeowners, installers, DOER and MassCEC.

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Green Deal – What is it?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has made a press release on the progress of the “Green Deal” scheme. The green deal is essentially a way to finance the installation:  Instead of paying up-front for your panels, insulation or … Continue reading

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New Zealand on its way to 90% renewables

When flying to New Zealand’s capital Wellington, two major aspects regarding domestic renewables in this country become immediately apparent. First of all, New Zealand possess a huge potential of wind power. This will become evident during the plane’s approach when … Continue reading

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number crunch: solar thermal vs. PV

 The calculations presented here depend on a large number of factors and may not apply to your case.  If you have numbers that differ from these, please let us know so other readers can benefit from your experience. —— Solar … Continue reading

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the skinny on solar hot water

In 2004, the average UK household energy bill was £522. Last year, it was £1334.That’s a jump of over 150% in under a decade (1, 2). If you’ve started your attack on these numbers, then you know that insulation and smart usage are … Continue reading

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Can you do the Green Deal yourself?

This month, the UK’s DECC launches its Green Deal. It’s basically a way to finance energy-efficient home improvements — you pay for your upgrades with installments tacked onto your power bill. The idea is that your upgrade payments are offset … Continue reading

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The Skinny on Small Wind

Summary: Wind is volatile. The conditions for effective wind harvesting greatly favor rural areas. Turbulence can be a problem for building-mounted turbines. Height above the ground makes a big difference. Feed-in Tariffs keep small wind economically viable in the UK. A … Continue reading

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