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GoSol: solar can also cook, bake and steam!

Solar electricity is an unstoppable force all over the world.  Both in large scale solar farms and for the home-owner.  But the energy from the sun can be used in many more creative ways.  From drying your clothers, or drying … Continue reading

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Best solar panel direction – Can West beat South?

When initially planning a solar panel installation for your house, your first thought might be: “is my roof right for solar panels?”. Like most people, you probably consider south-facing solar panels to be the best for generating energy. In fact, … Continue reading

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New world record on solar panel efficiency

A few months ago we blogged about the rapid decline of solar panel prices in the last 35 years. Recently, a new world record has been achieved in solar cells efficiency, so we wanted to share the good news with you. The … Continue reading

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Investing in solar according to Massachussets

Here is a great explainer video from the Massachussets Government. Watch them explain residential solar panels from the point of view of homeowners, installers, DOER and MassCEC.

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which solar panels?

Here’s a nice video by the guys at showing an installation using roof hooks bolted to the roof. Professional roofers on a simple roof can get the job done in just a day.

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number crunch: solar thermal vs. PV

 The calculations presented here depend on a large number of factors and may not apply to your case.  If you have numbers that differ from these, please let us know so other readers can benefit from your experience. —— Solar … Continue reading

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Mosaic photovoltaics

The american company Solar Mosaic has opened a new round of investment on their site Their innovative business model marries multi-million project finance, crowdfunding and investment.  In simple terms:  Instead of seeking financing from bankers, pension funds or investment banks it … Continue reading

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making electricity out of sand: a short history of solar PV technology

To wrap up the series on solar PV, here’s a rundown of the science, brought to you by Alvaro. See this article if you’re looking for a practical introduction to solar PV.   In 1839, at age 19, a French physicist … Continue reading

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