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Mosaic photovoltaics

The american company Solar Mosaic has opened a new round of investment on their site Their innovative business model marries multi-million project finance, crowdfunding and investment.  In simple terms:  Instead of seeking financing from bankers, pension funds or investment banks it … Continue reading

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the skinny on solar hot water

In 2004, the average UK household energy bill was £522. Last year, it was £1334.That’s a jump of over 150% in under a decade (1, 2). If you’ve started your attack on these numbers, then you know that insulation and smart usage are … Continue reading

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making electricity out of sand: a short history of solar PV technology

To wrap up the series on solar PV, here’s a rundown of the science, brought to you by Alvaro. See this article if you’re looking for a practical introduction to solar PV.   In 1839, at age 19, a French physicist … Continue reading

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Partial shading is worse than it sounds.

This post addresses a problem specific to solar PV modules that use string_inverters, which are the most common kinds of inverters. For an introduction to solar PV technology, see my previous post.   Every manufacturer will tell you to avoid obstructions … Continue reading

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solar PV ABC's

There’s a lot of jargon out there. Let’s clear things up with some definitions. First off, you have to call it “Solar PV” because there are other kinds of solar power, like solar thermal and CSP. Generally, these other technologies … Continue reading

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status update: solar PV

the state of the market In case you missed it, the solar photovoltaics industry was this past decade’s hottest drama. Here’s a quick summary: ground-breaking innovations, shortage of raw materials, dubious intellectual property practices, oversupply, sub-cost dumping, bankruptcies, international lawsuits, … Continue reading

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Amory Lovin's 40 year plan, or reinventing fire

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We’re Alvaro and Hannes, two renewable energy enthusiasts ready to change the world. We also believe countries are moving too slow when it comes to making the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and we want to change that. … Continue reading

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