We’re Alvaro and Hannes, two renewable energy enthusiasts ready to change the world. We also believe countries are moving too slow when it comes to making the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and we want to change that.
Alvaro is half-Spanish, half-French and earned a PhD in Quantum Physics from Imperial College London (UK). He’s worked for 2 1/2  years for Vestas on large scale wind energy technology, and has built small scale biogas generators, solar ovens and wind turbine models.  He loves learning new stuff like Python and Emacs shortcuts.  He can swallow and process large chunks of Big Data and turn them into useful beautiful webpages.
Hannes is a German electrical engineer, who believes that we should be generating energy locally, sustainably and at the real cost. Hannes is a re.nooble co-founder and a part-time re.nooblist. During the day time, he works for “big business” in the energy sector. During the night time, he turns into a dedicated re.nooblist. He’s the core software developer and an open source enthusiast.
You can find out more about the website development on  our technical blog,

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