Solar photovoltaic price free falling

This picture illustrates the dramatic fall of solar photovoltaic prices in the last 35 years.  Around the time when I was born, 34 years ago, a 3kW system for a home would have cost about £79,000.  Today the same system costs around £6,000 including inverter, cables and installation.

price of photovoltaic modules in dollar per kw

price of photovoltaic modules in USD/kW [source: Bloomberg New Energy]

The drop in price is so dramatic that it’s hard to imagine.  As a comparison consider a car today: a reasonable price would be £10,500. Now if the car industry applied the same cost reduction as the solar photovoltaic industry, a new car would cost £200 GBP 35 years later*.
This is an amazing feat.  The future of these prices is uncertain for the next years since many geo-political factors are at play.  The global crisis, the cheaper modules that China is producing, Americans and Europeans taxing imports in a potential trade war, and many companies going bankrupt are some of the obvious factors.  Most forecasts predict lower prices for 2013 but the following years are an open question.
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 * using the ration between $45/W (~1978) to $0.9/W (~2012)
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